Colorful Instructor Guides with clear notes for preparation and delivery. 

Through hands-on and engaging lessons, simulations, storytelling, and other program elements such as service and project-based learning, students learn the importance of personal and social responsibility; to be accountable for their actions; to handle stress in positive and productive ways; and to adopt guiding principles and values such as integrity, strength, and moral fiber that will serve them well into adulthood. They learn about the power of random acts of kindness and how to resolve challenging issues, such as bullying, through school-wide awareness and action. In addition to historical and fictional characters, Beating the Odds heroes and heroines set positive examples of compassion, courage, and determination as they work through challenges and obstacles and deal with stressful situations and people. Each year of the CHiSL curriculum contains lessons and assessments such as the Responsibility Map that reinforce and measure their progress as they develop responsibility and build character.

Lessons are created in easy to use PowerPoint. The content is tagged to integrated  with cutting-edge technology. 

Student Learning Guides help the student know why each lesson is important, and the knowledge and skills they will learn along the way.  They are filled with activities and learn vocabulary that is used throughout the lesson.