Throughout their lessons, leadership lab activities, Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulation® exercises, and opportunities to lead, students build leadership qualities, communication skills, and the ability to motivate themselves and others. As a result of mastering the acclaimed program, Winning Colors, students learn about their preferred behaviors and how to interact with others based on similar and differing preferences enabling them to inspire, create productive teams, and lead with empathy. They learn how to be self-confident and capable of following others, working in groups, and leading their peers. They develop the ability to analyze situations from multiple angles and to apply the best approach for the most favorable outcome based on the situation. They discover how past and present leaders have helped to shape the future and how their vision, leadership styles and characteristics, and moral courage helped them to overcome sign

Student Learning Guides help the student know why each lesson is important, and the knowledge and skills they will learn along the way.  They are filled with activities and learn vocabulary that is used throughout the lesson.


Colorful Instructor Guides with clear notes for preparation and delivery. 

Lessons are created in easy to use PowerPoint. The content is tagged to integrated  with cutting-edge technology.